[2013] Madeline Hoffman: Peru

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[2013] Madeline Hoffman: Peru


The capital is Lima, Peru

The Incan people lived in parts on modern-day Peru. Their empire was called Tahuantinsuyu, or "Land of the Four Quarters." The coastal land was full of mountains, valleys, tropical forests, and deserts. The empire began in the 13th century and was conquered by the Spanish in 1572.

Peru's ExportsGold, copper ore, refined petroleum, refined copper, animal meal and pellets, lead ore, petroleum gas, coffee, zinc ore, iron ore, crude petroleum, precious metal ore, raw zinc, molybdenum ore, knit t-shirts, processed vegetables, raw tin, molluscs, copper wire, and fish oil

Fun Facts- On the English keyboard, Peru is the only country in the world that can be typed in the same row- In Lima, Peru, a soccer match versus Argentina ended up with 300 fans killed and 500 injured fans. It started with an"unfair" call by the referee -Peru is the only country that has cities that start with 2 Q's (Qquea, Qquecquerisca, and Qquero)

Peru's CultureLanguage- Spanish is official language- Native languages include Quechua, Shipibo, Ashaninka, and AguarunaReligion- Catholicism is main religionCustoms- 3,000 annual festivals - Combine aromas when they cook- Use seashells, reeds, and animal bones to make noises



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