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Persuasive Writing

Do you want a truly memorable holiday break that you’re guaranteed not to forget. Rainbow beach is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. Situated just over an hours drive from Bernsville, this idyllic spot boasts pristine, shimmering white sand and sparkling clear waters. Forget about those over-crowded and expensive Gold Coast resorts, visit Rainbow Beach for your next break and you won’t be disappointed.

Firstly it is no exaggeration that the beaches are pristine. They are tidy and clean with not a skerrick of rubbish to be seen. The surf is calm and there are no rocky areas, making it safe for all your family. You can swim safely in this sheltered, tranquil bay or just relax under the shady, native palm trees and admire the magnificent views.

Another reason to visit Rainbow Beach is the choice of accommodation. There are a variety of places that cater to everyone’s budget. If you want to live it up, why not try the 5 star luxury resort. However this is not just some high rise eye-sore, but a uniquely designed, environmentally friendly complex that blends in with the natural surroundings. Why not save the planet and be pampered at the same time! If you’re like me and keeping to a budget you won’t be disappointed with the attractive and comfortable, cheaper accommodation. There really is something for everyone, even a backpackers hostel and extensive camping facilities.

Finally one of the best kept secrets about Rainbow Beach is the whale-watching. There is no need to clamber aboard one of those tourist boats that take you way out to sea in the hopes of spotting a Humpback. You’ll be able to see these spectacular creatures up close and personal from the cliff tops overlooking the main beach. Furthermore on the other side of these cliffs you will be amazed by the impressive sand dunes and all the excitement that goes with tobogganing on these massive monsters. Oh and did I mention the fishing spots and the snorkelling that are just a few more activities that will keep you and your family entertained.

It is hard to believe that a place like this still exists on the planet. A place that is perfectly pristine that offers so many choices for everyone. Relax, enjoy the view, go swimming or snorkelling, walk up to the cliffs for a spot of whale watching or have the ride of your life down a giant sand dune. Rainbow Beach has it all. See you there!

Why you should visit Rainbow Beach for your next holiday!

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