Persuasive Rated R movies

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Persuasive Rated R movies

Scary movies can cause anixiety, phobias, sleep problems, aggression, and violence. Kids mess around and babies cry, This ruins it for everyone in the theater!

I don't think young kids should watch R- rated movies because it cause voilent behavior,they scare kids and they bother other people in the theater.


R-Rated Movies: How young is too young?

Why ?

Studies show that 25% of kids in middle school that watch R-movies, started drinking alcohol . Younger kids get bored and end up running down the aisle


Kids bond when they scream in terror. Teens can handle maturescenes because their world is full the same thing. Teenager are growingfaster.

Parents should go withtheir kids to see the movie. Don't show traliers for violent flims during kid's TV shows. People should respect themovie rating system.



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