Persuasive Glog Example

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Persuasive Glog Example


Welcome Hayes Hippies! This is a rough outline of the persuasive Glog you will create. On this Glog, I will be making short, quick suggestions on what you should have for your final project. You are all familiar with Glogs and have a strong foundation on how they work.

Make sure you have three to four reasons on why your audience should relocate to Colorado. At least two of your reasons should be because of natural resources or features. The other reasons can be mans interaction with its environment. Example: natural resources: rivers, lakes, mountains, vegetation

Remember to add images and graphics to add interest. However, make sure it fits and it is meaningful to your project. Example: I would use the two images to the left because Colorado is known for its winter sports.

When you are stating a reason for someone to relocate, stick with the facts. Keep your personal opinion out. You should have a strong argument with supporting details without using "I" statements. Example: If you think a family should move here because of the great school districts, add facts that represent this idea.

You can add links to help support your statement. Example: If you feel that Colorado is a desirable place to live because of the amount of sunny days then add a link that supports your stance. Check out my sun above and watch for what happens next.



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