Perspectives of Corey: Autism

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Perspectives of Corey: Autism

Family Feedback

Corey is hesitant when working in groups. He has to be encouraged significantly. He will oftentimes isolate himself in class if not motivated to work with others. Although it seems like Corey is lonely, he is prefers working independently. His teacher would like him to be more social (i.e. initiate conversations with his peers, join groups voluntarily).

Corey currently lives with his older biological sister. Both of his biological parents died when he was younger. In the past, Corey has attended counseling to discuss his grief towards losing his parents. Corey's sister is the only family member that Corey is able to rely.

Perspectives of CoreyTask 2.2INED 7776by Kierra Gambrell

Corey advocates for his learning needs. He freely discusses and embraces the fact that he has ASD. He is able to communicate what frustrates him and when feels overwhelmed to his teachers. For example, he dislikes group assignments unless is knows the people he is going to be working with. He also prefers to work in quiet spaces with dim lighting because loud noises and bright lights interrupt his concentration.


One of the things noted by Corey's teacher were that he failed to maintain eye contact during conversations. He was also unable to identify and respond appropiately to social cues.

Corey enjoys reading Ancient Greek literature and mythology. One of his favorite novels is The Odyssey by Homer. He has completed 2 novels of his own as well. They are located on Corey’s blog. His novel reflect his love of Greek mythololgy and sciecne fiction. His interest can be described as obsessive because he consistently writes and discusses his story in class. If left uninterrupted, Corey will continue discussing his story.

CHeck OUTCorey's Blog some feedback for him, if you want. I'm sure he will appreciate it.

Corey suffers from insomnia which affects his attention span and work habits. He may appear tired at times.

Corey's sister is concerned about Corey’s adaptive skills. She would like Corey to develop his independent living skills (i.e. learn to cook for himself, get a job, manage a budget, ride MARTA, etc.). Corey is preparing to graduate from high school this year and she wants him to have the skills necessary to take care of himself or contact a community service provider that can assist him.

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