Personality disorder - Kirchoff

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Personality disorder - Kirchoff

Scooby Doo Personality Disorders

Shaggy and Scooby are both schizotypal. They believe in monsters and other make believe creatures. Shaggy uses made up words a lot. Superstitious beliefs and strange words are signs of being a schizotypal.

Fred is a Narcissist. He's the self proclaimed leader of the group, he makes the choices for the group. Fred is also very concerned with his aperence.

Daphne is a Histrionic. She's easily upset and dramtic, and lets face it, she wants Fred. Not to mentain her obsession with clothes.

Velma has Obsessive-compluive disorder. Easily considered the most serious of the group, velma also finds all the little details. Shes also very obsessed with rules

A majority of the monsters are Antisocial. They lie to the gangs faces during the day and steal during the night dressed as monsters.



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