Personal pronouns

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Personal pronouns

Pronouns have gender.male/female/neutral

Pronouns also must agree in number!

If the antecedent is male, replace it with a masculine pronoun. Female noun... feminine pronoun, neutral noun... neutral pronoun.Examples:Michael washed the car.He washed the car. Susan read a book.She read a book.The ball is red.It is red.

Personal Pronounstake the place of a noun in a sentence. The noun they replace is called an Antecedent.

The pronoun and the antecedent must agree.

Pronouns have case.subjective/objective/ possessive

I - Me - My - MineI want to buy a car.Tim will sell a car to me.My new car is beautiful!The car is all mine!

Object pronouns take the place of a noun in the predicate of a sentence. Examples:Natalie gave him the ball.Jack thanked her for the gift.Mom and dad really liked it. Possessive pronouns show ownership. Examples:The blue sweatshirt is his.The purple backpack is hers.The cat licked its paws.

Compound subjects and plural nouns need plural pronouns

These are all examples of subjective pronouns!

They - Them-TheirThey watched the ballgameA player gave them the game ball.Their favorite team won the game!We - Us- OurWe watched the game at home.Sally called us with the score.Our favorite team won too!


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