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Personal Learning Profile


The sheep brain dissection showed me the big parts of the mammalian brain and how it is similar to ours. I identified structures like the frontal lobe, temporal lobes, parietal lobes, and occipital lobes. After that I learned the function of each identified structure. This helped me understand what parts of the brain I use at different times. The analysis of my tests and science notebook tell me that I should self-monitor my work better and study things a little bit longer so I don't miss as many questions. Target tag also teaches me that when I am finished with my work I should go over it again to make sure my work is correct. The Spatial Problem Solving activity taught me to read instructions carefully, told me how to try to imagine things, and to be aware of my surroundings. After I filled out My Problem Solving Profile, I saw that I try to moderate my time and energy, and that I use steps to find the solution but if they don't go too well I change my path. After I did the Left Brain/Right Brain Survey I found out that I am well prepared, organized, good at making smart decisions, solving problems, expressing things verbally, trustworthy, and like small details but need to take a few risks so I can get closer to my full potential.



When I was learning about my learning profile, I found out about the type of person I am by doing different activities. When I went through this unit of study I learned that the left brain helps with logical thoughts and the right side helps with creative thoughts. After I finished this unit, I found out that all parts go together to make everything go smoothly. Everyone's brain is different but are similar in some way or another.


By studying the human brain I expect to learn how I am wired and work so I can improve my skills at school and everywhere else.

Left Brain/Right Brain SurveyNCES Create A GraphComics HeadPixabay (Pointing Finger On Comic)

Brain DissectionAnalysis of TestsTarget TagSpatial Problem SolvingMy Problem Solving ProfileLeft Brain/Right Brain Survey


This table shows the reason why I miss questions and problems on assessments.

This chart shows how I work out problems.

My Learning Profile


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