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Personal Hygiene

Make sure you don't share hats. It can spread lice which is a bug who lives in your hair, and bites the scalp. It is very annoying. Also you should wash your hair at least every other day or your hair will get greasy and wil cause acne. You should also cut your hair at reasonable lengths. Wash with safe shampoo, some shampoos are not safe. If you have very dry skin you may have exemza. This is skin condition where your skin is very dry. When it is extreme it can bleed and cut your skin open. To prevent getting dry skin you should use lotion. Also wash your hands to keep yourself from getting sick.

PErsonal Hygiene

You have 3,000 sensors in your ear. You pick up 10,000 word every year. You should never stick anything in your ear because it can damage your eardrum. A decibal is how you measure volume. A tinnitus is a constant ringing in your ear. A pupil is the black circle in your eye. And the iris is the color of your eyes. Another part of your eye is the cornea. The cornea is a layer that protects your eye. You should NEVER share eye makeup because is can share germs. A eye diasese is astigmatism. That is when your cornea is wavey or blurry.


Your teeth are very impotant. Your teeth help you speak and chew food. To take care of your teeth you need to brush at least twice a day, or your enamel will fade away. If your enamel is gone it will never come back. You should also floss it helps your gums and your teeth. You can get plaque if you don't brsh your teeth and when the plaque gets even worse it turns into tartar which is very hard plaque. Flouride is a chemical that prevents tooth decay flouride is in mouthwash and toothpaste.


Cut your nails flat not rounded because it is dangerous. Also clean your nails. Most people don't clean their fingernails. This results in sickness and germ. You can paint your nails but you also should have alchol remover, to remove it when you are done.




Skin & Hair

Eyes & Ears


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