Personal Hygiene

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Personal Hygiene

Skin*largest organ in your body*3 layers: Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous*Waterproof*protects you from germs*controls your body tempitureHair*Wash hair daily*if you see dandruff in your hair, wash it*brudhing or combing it regulary*use gentle conditioner and shampoo*avoid sharing brushes to not get headlice

PErsonal Hygiene-Alyssa K.

Ears*Germs enter your ear through your nose & throat*Your middle ear is the most important part of your ear that helps you balance*30,000 tiny hairs in your ear pick up sound*Tinnitus: a constant ringing in the ears*Decibal: the unit for measuring the loudness of soundEyes*Eyes focus on light in order to give your brain a picture of the world around you*Your eyes allow you to see shapes, colors, ect.*Your Iris is the part of your eye that contains color*always sit 6 feet away from the TV

Eyes & Ears

TeethWhat happens if you don't brush your teeth...*Plaque: It can be brushed away; squishy*Tartar: hard substance;dentist needs to get rid of it*Cavity: a bad germ/food peice that has been eating away at your teeth*Rootcanel: when cavity eats all the way into the nerve*Crown: what sits on top of your gum that you can see



Nails*use purall if no sink around*purall cleans hands better than sink*hygine-cleanliness*scub hands for 20 sec. before*avoid biting, tearing, and picking your nails*use lotion to keep your hands moist

Skin & Hair


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