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Personal Hygiene

1.always put sunscrean on when out side2.body oder:A smell from your body3.never share makeup4.never pick at scabs5.put lotion on when skin fell roughf

PErsonal Hygiene By Abbey prochaska

1.the smallest bone in your body is in your ear wich is called the sturp2.sound waves enter the outer ear and cause eardrom to vibrate3.sound waves travel from stirup to the cochlea in the inner ear4.the inner ear is for balnce5.deafness:a codition in wich someone has difficulity hearing sounds6.ear infections are the most common ear problem



1.lens:A clear fleabil structure of the eye2.retina:A thin layer of never cells in the eye3.nearsightness:objects that are close you can see clearly4.glaucoma:An eye condition in wich the fluid pressure bulied up inside the eye5.never look directly at the sun6.if somthing gets in your eye dont tuch it


1.cuticle:A fold of epidermis around the finger nail and toe nail2.ingrown toenail:A conditon wich the nail pushes into the side of the toe3.hang nail:A spilt in the cuticle along the edge of the finger nail4.always cut your fingernails and toenails5.never let your nails grow to long



1you schold have 20 teeth by the time your 3-2 you schould have 32 teeth by the time you are 183brush your teeth for 2min4crown:The part of the tooth visble by the eye5Root:The part that holds the tooth in the gum


1. take care of your hair2.brush your hair 3.whash your hair often4.dandruf:are white flakes in your hair5.Hair follictes:Small sacs in the dermis form wich hair grows



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