Personal Hygiene in the kitchen

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Personal Hygiene in the kitchen

Personal hygiene in the kitchen

1.Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm soapy water before cooking2.Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom

Hair must be tied back or a hat or hair net must be worn so hair does not get into food

Always remove all hand jewellery before cooking.Germs live underneath and on jewellery and may get in the food

Enclosed shoes that have been checked by your teacher MUST be worn in the kitchenINCORRECT SHOES MEANS NO COOKING

Your apron and clothing must be clean every time you come to your Food Tech lesson

Always keep your nails short so dirt and germs dont live under your nails

Do not come to school if you are sick as germs can be easily passed on to other people

Year 7 Tech Mandatory


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