Personal Hygiene in Space

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Personal Hygiene in Space

Personal Hygiene In Space

Have you ever thought about how astronauts keep clean in space? Showering, brushing your teeth, and going to the bathroom, are some of the most difficult things to do while on a space mission. Since there is no gravity in space, it is a chore to do these simple tasks.

Is it Hard to Shower/Bath in Space?

In Space, How Do austronauts Use The Toilet?

How Do You Brush Your Teeth In Space?

Brushing your teeth in space is very similar to brushing your teeth on Earth. Astronauts can either use edible toothpaste or one of their choosing. The astronauts brush their teeth then swallow the toothpaste, which also helps conserve water. Once they have finished brushing their teeth, the astronauts rinse their mouth out with water. Before astronauts go on a space mission, they go to see a dentist to determine if their teeth are good for the long space journey. This helps to find if there will be any problems during the flight, such as toothaches or cavities.

Yes, it’s very hard to shower in space, because there is no gravity. In space water clings to your body, whereas on Earth, water drips downward. Thats why astronauts have sponge baths. In space, it is much easier to soak up the water with a cloth, or a sponge. The astronauts wash their body like you would regularly on Earth, with gentle soap and less water. Sponge baths helps to conserve water, since there is a limited supply on the spacecraft. To wash their hair, astronauts use a rinseless shampoo. They put some on a towel, then scrub their hair and scalp. After that, they will dry their hair off with a clean towel. Fun Fact: Rinseless shampoo was originally made for hospital patients who could not take showers.

Have you ever wondered how astronauts go to the bathroom in space? Starting with the solid waste. In space, astronauts use a water free toilet. The astronauts position themselves over the toilet and secure themselves in place with body restraints. Next, the astronauts turn on several fans to purify the air and turn on the vacuum for the toilet. The vacuum it used to imitate gravity for the solid waste. The solid waste goes to a waste compartment, then gets disintegrated into space. Now, time for the liquid waste. Male and Female astronauts each have their own urinary systems. Both of them have a small cup, which has a suction tube attached to it. It sucks the liquid waste into a filtering reservoir. The filtering reservoir is used for recycling water to re-use for drinking and cooking. Both of these processes take at least 10-15 minutes just to get prepared.

Now you know how astronauts keep clean in space. Showering, going to the bathroom, and brushing your teeth in space can be quite a chore. So embrace what we have here on earth, before you go to space.


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