Personal Hygiene in Space

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Personal Hygiene in Space

Personal Hygiene in Space

Have you ever wondered how astronauts take care of their personal hygiene in space?Whether it’s showering,using the washroom or even simply brushing your teeth, it is no easy task!

Showering in space is a lot different than here on earth. In space, astronauts have to take sponge baths. As nice as a hot shower would be, in a microgravity environment water sticks to your body instead of flowing down it, which would make showering quite difficult. Showers also use up a ton of water which could be used for something more beneficial like cleaning the shuttle. To wash their hair they use no-rinse shampoo and use a towel to apply it. When drying off, astronauts have to be very careful that no loose hairs get loose as they can clog filters and affect the way the air circulates.

Showering in Space

Using the Washroom in Space

Believe it or not,Using the toilet is one of the most challenging aspects of personal hygiene in space! When it comes to solid waste, astronauts use a water-free toilet. They secure themselves with body restraints and then turn on a few fans to purify the air. The air is like a vacuum and sucks the waste into a special compartment for later disposal. Liquid waste however is different, each astronaut has a personal urination device that they connect to a long tube that again sucks up the waste and puts it in the wastewater tank.

Dental care in space is actually not much different than it is here on earth. Astronauts even get to use their preferred brand of toothpaste. Some astronauts even use edible toothpaste (to reduce water waste). After brushing their teeth, they simply just spit the toothpaste into a towel;or swallow. Since dental care in space can be a concern, astronauts will visit the dentist regularly before going on a space adventure!

Dental Hygiene in Space

Now you know how astronauts take care of themselves in space. Personal hygiene in space may be stressful,challenging and overall, time consuming but it’s a big part of an astronauts daily life and needs to get done. :)



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