Personal History of Art Education

by Tahoart
Last updated 4 years ago

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Personal History of Art Education

He is my balance, my perfect complement,my greatest fan.He helps me soar.

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My Personal History of Art Education

FUN; Have some.


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In Greece25th Anniversary

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Elementary Art Teacher "Copy me exactly = PASS" I won't teach this way.High School Art Teacher "Be free little bird. Be who you are."2-D Undergrad Professor "Let's all explore this together."3-D Undergrad Professor "We are a community. We work as a unite in the studio. We work hard as individuals."High School Students "Is there anything you haven't tried?"Middle School Students "Sure. Let's try it. Whatever."Elementary School Students "You're the best art teacher, EVER."

Kids First


1973 - 2023



1971 - first mural with blue crayon on bedroom wall1972 - first self-applied body art including one piercing1973 - first riverbed-clay sculpture series1973 - first mural in back seat of car with white and blue house paint1973 - first day of kindergarten1974 - first tattoo design applied to baby sister1975 - first series of designer clothes for Barbie Fashion Week1979 - first positive recognition for art skills, fair entry blue ribbon (fashion design)1999 - first community mural1999 - citizen of the year award for mural donation2003 to present - ASAP (After School Art Program for youth)2004 to present - citizen donations and community funding of ASAP2018 - publish first art curriculum teacher's guide2023 - publish first art education textbook

My parents always let me explore. They allowed me to discover my own abilities and limits. They helped me set goals not boundaries.Childhood travels motivated the artist in me; then the artist in me craved more travels. There's a lot to see in the world.Nature is God's gift to humankind; admire and care for it.Family are gifts from God; respect and care for them.Learning about art is learning about self and about others.Learning is fun; it truly is.




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