Personal Communication Model

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Personal Communication Model

What I have learned

Emotions & Communicating Emotional barriers that affect communication. What I have learned was to become aware of my feelings that arise and attempt to control them. AnxietyDepression Isolation Fear/ InsecurityMistrustStress

Personal Communication Model

Things to strengthen1. public speaking 2.listening3. vocal cues; working on my pitch of being loud 4. talking fast 5. addressing questions after a conversation without stretching the truth.6.maintaining friendships with family, friends, work relationships, and business clients.

NonVerbal Communication Working on the messages I transmit without words.*facial expressions*Posture*Tone of voice*hand movements Non verbal Communication replaces , reinforces, or contradicts a verbal message.

Why am I so defensive Taking up for myself is something I have always had to do but I've learned it's a better way of doing it.*I don’t want to be taken advantage of.*showing more Empathy in my conversations.*Slow down and evaluate what is going wrong.


Skills that I desire to futher develop:I am now aware that my daily conversations are not always completely honest. 1. Lying* sparing peoples feelings.*waiting to maintain an existing bond.*protect others self esteem.*protecting my reputation

ListeningListening is key to all effective communication, without the ability to listen effectively messages are easily misunderstood

WHY LISTEN?Listening behaviors can determine social and professional success.Hearing -when we pay attention to the meaning of what we hear.Understanding- assign a meaning to the words we hear.Remembering- storing of info for later retrieval.Interpreting- factoring what was said and not said .Attention - lisening with no distractions

Cross cutural communication Words can mean different things to people from different cultures, Even when they talk the same language. working together to accomplish a task you must communicate.

Working on improving my communication thoughts, feelings, & physical connections to help me continue to build and maintain relationships that work.

When a person uses the wrong words in emails or communicating, it could lead to misunderstanding between the sender and receiver.

Steps to avoid conflict*acknowledge the other person's concerns*calmly discuss one another's concerns*actively listen & let them speak.*Respond with respect.*Watch my nonverbal communication *Put myself in the other person's shoes*pick your battles *get a mediator if needed

Steps to Conflict Resolution1. Avoidance- Avoid saying things that sometimes may escalate the conflict.2.Competition- A stimulation of creativity and energize people to a higher degree.3. Compromising- both parties agree to reach a solution.4. Accommodate- Smooth over the conflict. Supress the needs in order to please the other person.5. Collaborate- When a discussion continues until both parties are satisfied.


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