Personal Assessement Experience

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Personal Assessement Experience

Ongoing Assessment is the KEY to improve Teaching and Learning Experience.

Not all the students learn at the same pace. Regarding to Gardner and his theory of the multiple intelligences, all students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform and understand in different ways. So, why do not allow students to choose how they want to show their understanding of a new topic?I think that it is a powerful strategy and I am willing to use it.

Assessment reflect student ability on some topic or skill. Also highlights’ students’ strengths and weaknesses and allow the teacher to use the DATA gathered to determine if students need more work within the same topic or subject or if they are ready to move on to the next level.

Assessment Pros

Personal Assessment Experience

Formative assessment was the main tool for our assessment. Simulations, projects and demonstrations of our skills were our main tasks.

School:Traditional methodology.Not opportunities to use the new information or skill in real situations. We used to memorize the topic and try to pass the test with the highest scores we could.

Apply assessment like many years ago, when students, I include myself, used to learn information for the test. They did not use it in a proper context, because it was not related to their personal experiences or lives. So they studied for the test and then they forget about it. If you do not use it, you lose it, right? And sadly, sometimes is used it still in that way.

Multiple Intelligences

Assessment Cons

At college:


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