Persian Empire

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Persian Empire

The ''Great Table'' Diamonddiscovered in 1642 in Iran by a frenchman named Jean Baptiste Tavernier. It weighs about 200 carates, it's a virtually flawless table cut damond and is one of Iran most prized crown jewels.

By the 5th century B.C.E., Persia was the largest empire the world had ever seen. Surpassing the size of their Assyrian predecessors

An Empire Rulled By ManyPERSIA

Persian clothing is still worn in various forms in rual parts of persian countries.

The old Persian ''syllabary'' is somewhat misnomer it also contains logograms. Because most of the signs are syllabograms old persin is classified as syllabic script. It's also skeletal which means sounds like /pu/ are writen with pa and u and do not have independent signs. Single consonant that form part of a consonant cluster or the end of a syllable are also written with syllabograms with the /a/ vowel.

The Persian GovernmentThe Persian administrative system was far more efficient and human, even though it was built upon the Assyrian model. The empire was divided into twenty provinces, or satrapies, each ruled by a governor called a satrap. To check the satraps a secretary and a millitary official representing the ''Great King, King of Kings'' were installed in every province. Also special inspectors ''the Eyes and Ears of the King,'' traveled through the realm.Imperial post roads connected the important cities. Along the Roal Roads between Sardis and Susa was a postal station every fourteen miles, where the kings couriers could obtain fresh horese, enabling them to cover the 1600 mile rout in a week. Which was good for dilering messages.

-Persia had a great government-They dominated outside areas-After dominating they switched to Hegemony

Persian Writing System

Persian archetechitecture had a major influence on iran

Persian architecture is the architecture of contemporary Iran and the Iranian cultural content

Hegemony-Leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others.Syllababry-A set of written characters representing syllables and serving the purpose of an alphabet.


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