[2015] Brilane Manchego (World History 4th hour): Persian Empire

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[2015] Brilane Manchego (World History 4th hour): Persian Empire

Persian Empire

PoliticsThe Persians worshipped a fire god, Zoroaster.Some important figurse in the Persian empire was: >Cambyses, two kings of the Archaemenid >Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, founder of the greatness 559-529 B.C.>Darius I, king of ancient Persia 521-486 B.C.

Persia was a land that included parts of what are now Iran and Afghanistan. The Achaemenid Empire was at its peak in 500BC. It ws the center of an empire that stretched west tot he central Mediterranean Sea, east to India, and from the Gulf of Oman in southern Russia in the north. It mountains has helped shape both the political and economic history of the country for seversl centuries. There are no major river systems inthe country, and historically transportation was by means of caravans that followed routes traversing gaps and passes in the mountains. The mountains also impeded easy access to the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.


Economics Trade was an very importatn part of the economy of the Persian Empire. By trading with other lands, the Persian Empire amssed a great imperial wealth. Ther Persian Empire had an extensive road system of trade routes, and the roads were maintained by the state to encourage trade called the Royal Road. In addition to trading over land, the traders of the Persian Empre payed great attention to seaborne oppertunites of trade. Precious jewels and gemstones were often brought to Persia by means of Silk Route. Spices were also an importatn commodity that was brought to Persia by traders.

How Does Geography of a civilization affect the development of its goverment, economy, and society?

By Brilane Manchego

SocietyThe socail system of the Persian Empire was built off of communication and transportation. They had a socail class that was much like the Indian socail structure. Once you were born into something it was challenging to movw. The social structure is kings, priests, military, traders, craftsman, farmers, and slaves. Slaves were present in society and were often captured from other conquered civilizations that refused to behave. Social life was entertaining to people and they had ways of entertaining themselves. Games were often played.

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