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PERSIA - Syria

Syria has a republic govrnment. Sunni Islam sets the basis for Syria's government. The president is Bashar al Assad. Peaceful protests turned into security forces killing, kidnapping, raping, and torturing activists and their families. Eventually people began to fight back. In violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol the Syrian government has used chemical weapons to massacre large numbers of people.

Almost 30 years of war has weakened Syria's economy. Displacement of Syrians has caused a drop in consumption by 47% in 2013. 2.3 million jobs have disappeared sice the beginning of war. Jobs in Syria pay low wages so people work two or three jobs. Syrian women are usually stay at home moms. Syria exports oil, minerals, petroleum products, fruits, vegetables, cotton fiber, textiles, clothing, meat, animals, and wheat. They trade with Germany, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, Lebanon, and Iraq.

The largest religous group in Syria is the Sunnni Islam. They represent 80% of the population.Syrians celebrate Ramadan with a month of fasting. In Syria they end the month with Eid al Adha where families exchange gifts. Eid al Adha commemorates the end of Muhammad's Hajj.

Up to 60% percent of Syria's land has been affected by drought since 2006. This has led to crop failure. Herders in the northeast lost abot 85% of their livestock and affected 1.3 million people. according to the UN and IFRC. Presdent Assad has been neglectful towards Syria's natural resources which has contributed to Syria's water shortage and land desertification. Syrian women aren't treated as equally as everyone else. Some girls are forced into marriage or sold into prostitution as early as 14. Women are also raped as a tool of intimidation. Some families become refugees in order to escape war.

PERSIA Syria Poster Project

Syrua is in the middle east. It borders the Mediterranean Sea, between Lebanon and Turkey. Syria consists of mountain ranges in the west and farther inland a steppe area. In the east is the Syrian Desert and in the south is the Jabal al-Druze Range. The former is bisected by the Euphrates valley. Syria has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

Almost 1 in 5 schools in Syria have been destroyed as a result of war. 90 percent of Syrian children between the ages of 6-17 are estimated to be out of school. Most people flee to Turkey or Lebanon but they don't have enough money or space for all of the refugee kids.



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