Perseus Son of Zeus

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Perseus Son of Zeus

Digital Storytelling

Danae and Perseus landed on shore and were taken in by a fisherman, Dictys, and his wife. Polydectes, who ruled the land, wanted to marry Danae and tried to get Perseus out of the picture by sending him on a deadly quest to bring back Medusa's head. Perseus received help from the gods. He gains a shield from Athena and a sword from Hermes. He also received the location of a group of nymphs who gave him winged sandals and an echanted wallet from the Graiae, three magical women who only had one eye.

King Acrisius was told by a prophet that his daughter, Danae, would have a son who would later be responsible for Acrisius' death. To prevent this, Acrisius locked Danae underground, but Zeus found a way inside and Danae became pregnant. When Acrisius found out Danae had a child he locked them in a box and sent it out to sea.


Perseus: Son of Zeus


On his way back, he encounters Andromeda. She was chained to a rock and waited to be eaten by a sea monster. Her mother thought she was more beautiful than Aphrodite and this was her punishment. Perseus cut off the monsters head and married Andromeda.

A Hero

He snuck into where Medusa was sleeping and using the shield to avoid looking her in the eyes and turning to stone, he cut off her head. Perseus put the head in the wallet and flew away.

Perseus returned to find that Polydectes had terrorized his mother and Dictys. He stormed into the castle where Polydectes had gathered with his men. Perseus revealed Medusa's head and they all turned to stone. The head was then put on Athena's shielt, the Aegis. To finish the story, Perseus did kill his grandfather by unknowingly hitting him over the head with a discus during a contest.

The story has been made into many movie adaptations such as Clash of The Titans.



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