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Algebra I

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A permutation is an arrangement in which order is important. The notation for permutations is P(n,r) which is the number of permutations of "n" things if only "r" are selected. Permutations Formula:nPr = n! (n - r)!Example: In how many different ways can 6 classes be scheduled during a 6-period day? Answer: nPr = n! (n - r)! 6P6 = 6! (6 - 6)!= 720 ways.Conclusion: This project helped me understand that we do use permutations in real life. We use it for many things, mainly for finding out what clothers are we going to use. I kind of liked the project because we didn't need help from others or the internet, we already knew what was about.

Real life uses


1) Charles has a collection of 7 toy train cars and creates a train using 4 of them. How many different ways could he have made the train? 7P4 = 7!/(7-4)! = 8402) In a 5-person race, how manydifferent ways can the first 4 runners arrive at the finish line?5P4 = 5!/(5-4)! = 1203) How many ways can you choose a 3 digit number for a lock combination from 9 possible numbers? 9P3 = 9!/(9-3)! = 504.

Mauricio F, Ana P, Alma V, Emilio BPeriod 5

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