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nPr= n!/(n-r)!


Permutations are sets of combinations of different factors in which order matters.

Permutation Formula

Permutations can solve real world problems easily by allowing us to calculate the number of possibilities of things. For example, find the number of ways that a company can invest in stocks

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Substitute n for the total number of objects.Substitute r for the number of desired groups

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Conclusion:Permutations are one of the things in Algebra that can be actually used in every day life. Permutations are ways that one can calculate probabilities where order does matter. Permutations are used in different algorythms such as in Economics, Stock Brokers, and Programmers. It is essential to know how many different choices can be made in order to take an informed desicion in businesses. One can also stumble upon permutation in everyday life as a student. For example, you can calculate in how many possibilities you can spend your lunch money in. That is a simplified way of how economic graphs work, as many businesses have to take the decision of investing into one product while sacrificing other products. Of course, more complicated factors then come into place such as opportunity costs, taxes, inflation, among others. Permutation can be seen in every day life and they are one of the most useful topics to learn about.


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