Peripheral Vascular Disease

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Peripheral Vascular Disease

Treatement of PVD may be as simple as modest lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet or exercising more, but if these do not work, the following medication may be perscribed:-pentoxifylline-cilostazol-asprin -clopidroge-diabetes medication


There are two different types of PVD. The first is called Functional PVD, which features ocassional spasms and short term symptoms, whereas Organic PVD causes change in blood vessel structure. PVD can be caused by:StressPoor Diets Smoking High Blood Pressure DiabetesHigh Cholestorol Most common demographic with PVD is the elderly, with 12-20% of those 65 and over being diagnosed with some form of PVD

Peripheral Vascular Disease is a condition which is defined by the narrowing of blood vessels outside of the heart and brain, due to the build up of plaque and fatty acids in the arteries and veins.It's symptoms include but are not limited to:Changes in Skin, Numbness, discoloring of the hands and feet, less blood flow to the extremeties, cramping, etc

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