Periodic Trends

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Periodic Trends

On the other hand, both Sodium and Magnesium are located in the in the third period. As seenFrom their electronic structure above, they only have three valence shell

Electronic Structure

The Periodic Table

Periodic Trend

Both Potassium and Lithium are in group one, and as seen from their electronic structure above, they have the same number of valence electron - one.

From Left to Right across a period, there is a decrease in metallic properties and an increase in non metallic properties

On the periodic table, Metals are grouped on the left hand side, while the non metals are on the right hand side. They are divided by an imaginary diagonal line. The elements next to this line are called Metalloids - they have the properties of metal and non-metal elements.

The number of electron shells is the same as the period number of the element.On the other hand, the number of valence electron is the same as the group number of the element

Electronic Structure

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Silver, a metal

Metallic and Non-metallic Properties

Germanium, a metalloid

Bromine, a non-metal

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