Periodic Table

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Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

The Periodic Table is a method of arranging every element in our universe. The elements are numbered acording to how many protons they have. It starts with Hydrogen which has one proton. The atomic number is the number of protons.The elements are then grouped downward by similar properties due to the same number of valence electrons.

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  • doni99 8 years ago

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    Man i realy need to learn the periodic table, since i'm in the highest class for science, we meant to know it by heart! D:
    Got any ways to memorise? :D

  • Tehescmarts 7 years ago

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    Wow there are some great periodic table songs. Try this chemistry rap for the 1st 36.. You will them in no time! The highest class for science! Wow!!!!!