Periodic Table

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Chemical Elements

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Periodic Table

3 classes of elements

-malleable, ductile-good conductors of heat and electricity

Periodic Table


1:alkali metals 13:boron group non metals only-1 outer electron -3 outer electrons 17:halogens-very reactive -reactive -7 outer electrons-very low density 14: boron group -very reactive! -explodes in water -4 outer electrons -form salt2:alkaline earth -reactivity varies 18:noble gases-2 outer electrons 15:nitrogen group -8 outer electrons-less reactive than grp 1 -5 outer electrons -unreactive (full)-silver, more dense -reactivity varies Hydrogen3-12:transition metals 16:oxygen group -1 outer electron-1-2 outer electons -6 outer electrons -not part of group 1-properties of metals -reactive -reactive -lanthanides & actinides



almost full outer clouds, not shiny,brittle, poor conductors.

Mendeleev was the first to make a periodic table. He organized elements based on atomic mass.

Moseley made the modern periodic table. It is based on atomic number.

7 Periods -horizontal rows -to the right=less metallic -same number of electron shells

18 Groups -also called families-vertical rows-number of electrons on outer shell

valence electron- electrons found in the most ouside cloud

to find outer electronsgroup number subtract 10ex/ 13-10=33 outer electrons

element symbol

atomic mass

atomic number

-almost empy outer shells -shiny

half full outer shellshiny or dull, semi conductors


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