periodic elements assignment

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periodic elements assignment

Use the above table and link to study the elements and gather information for your business card.

Periodic Table Assignment

Read about the atom and why you need to understand this in order to understand all the elements. Take the short quiz at the bottom of the website.

Click here to learn "How to Read a Periodic Table"

Use this link to study and learn the difference between metals and non-metal elements.

Take the Test Click the paperclip below to access the test.

Use this Glog to help review what you already know about the Periodic Table of Elements. Go in order starting with #1 and finish with #6 the test. Keep track of all test/quiz scores you receive throughout this assignment. Good Luck!!!

Click below on the paperclip to access the assignment


  • YESnack 7 years ago

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    Jazz up your studies and get an A on Periodic Elements:-)
    If you having chem problems, I feel bad for you son. I got "Einsteinium" problems but a quiz ain't one. Hit me! "Periodic Elements - Little Things (New)" is a featured song from my latest music project. Download the song and enjoy all 118 periodic elements free as a public service.

    Link to song:
    Link to lyrics:

    Every so often a new periodic element is named and the best solution to me is to make it free and keep it current over the internet. I will continually update the song with the new name as it is released. Example: #115 - Ununpentium is about to be named. Once the official name is revealed, I would rerecord the vocals on the last section and re-upload the song for free as a public service.

    Hope you enjoy.
    Making Learning Delicious