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period 8 federalist paper 70

Federalist Essay #70

VOCABULARYRepublican Government: A form of government in which the head of state is not a monarch and the people have an impact on its governmentPhiladelphia Convention: Addressed problems in the articles of Confederation and by the U.S.A.Unity: The state of being one, combining all parts into oneCo-president: More than one president governing together.Executive Branch: Enforces the laws.Legislative Branch: Makes the laws.Functions: A group with in a longer group, party, or government.Accountability: Being liable.

Alexander Hamilton

Summary This article says that in order to have a successful presidency/executive there are four key points. The first is unity; there should be only one president. With this he should have a large amount of time in office, a decent salary, and enough power to rule. If there were two presidents, there would be different opinions between them. Also they would have the same time in office, same salary; and the budget would very large. It would be hard to find out the person who did something wrong, if it were ever to happen. To conclude, having multiple executives would be much more difficult then having one.


"The executive power is more easily confined when it is one."

"Deep,solid and ingenious."

he wrote this part of the federalist papers

said by Alexander Hamilton

"I was overruled by my council. The concil were so divided in their opinions that it was impossible to reach an agreement on this point."

Key Points•To have a well run government, you need an active president who can effectively run the country.•Presidency should only be held by one person. They should have a relatively long term, and their salary should stay the same throughout the term.•Unity is one of the most important things to have in a government.•No matter how well it is run, a plural presidency will not work out well.•Although there will be stubbornness and egotism in the legislative branch, those qualities should never be brought into the executive branch.•If you have too many people in charge, it will be impossible to get anything done. Everyone will be blaming someone else, and eventually nobody will know what really happened.•An executive group must be large enough that people can’t easily overthrow the leader. However, it must be small enough that they help the leader come to an agreement.•A council should aid the executive officer in his decisions, and they should make sure he maintains a good reputation.•A plural presidency would cost too much.


I am a slave and I am very excited about this change in government. It’s better to only have one person run the country. He can bring the country together, without argument from other executives. This single executive should know how to run the country correctly if he wants to unite everyone.

I am an average citizen from New Jersey, and I do not own any land. I don’t feel that this federalist paper affects me that much, because it deals with how many executives there should be. I do not plan on becoming the President, mayor, or any other executive leader.

I am a rich land owner I do not feel this change would affect me. I don’t care how many people run the country, as long as I get to keep my money and plantation.



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