Perimeter, Area and Circumference

by cmecka
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Perimeter, Area and Circumference

What if a shape is irregular? How do I find the perimeter and area? Watch and be amazed!

Let these songs get the algorithms for finding perimeter and area STUCK in your head... FOREVER!

Sit in class with Charlie to watch, listen and learn as Professor Perez shows you how to find the perimeter of any kinds of shapes!

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Perimeter= add all the sides

Area = l x w

Here's an explanation for those "square" units.

Measuring perimeter and area in your real world.

Get a head start in understanding the mysterious greek letter Pi and how it is used with a circle's diameter and radius to find its circumference and area too!

Now click to practice using these skills by designing a ZOO!

Don't forget to check in with Annie and Moby!









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