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495BC - Born482BC -evacuated from Athens due to war473BC - met and married his wife470BC - entered politics465BC - joined the group that was hostile to Sparta462BC - introduced voting right (the start of democracy)461BC - elected ruler of Athens447BC - organised the building of the Parthenon438BC - the Parthenon was finished429BC - died of the plague

Pericles created democracy because he thought that it wasn’t fair that only the rich, powerful men of Athens got to vote. Democracy is when everyone gets an equal go at voting and have rights like the citizens raised from the rich, powerful family had. Surprisingly he was raised in a rich, powerful family so I thought that it was very surprising that he made that decision.

Watch this youtube clip of Pericles oration speech


Life before Perciles became ruler

I think that before Pericles created democracy the average citizens that live in Athens would have been very sad that they didn’t get a say in what was going to happen, what the rules were and who ruled. They were told what to do and didn't get paid very much. There were different classes of people and you were stuck in that class. These people didn't get to have an education or choice of what jobs they could do and how much they were able earn. The citizens of Athens couldn't go to the theatre or improve themselves. If they were intelligent or skilled in something they couldn't increase their knowledge or develop their skills. Life for the rich citizens was very good. They had all the rights, power and money. They could be educated, go to the theatre and make all the rules.

Life after Perciles became ruler

Life for the average citizens of Athens after Pericles was elected improved a lot. Democracy meant that every person had an equal vote and were able to be educated, go to the theatre and be paid fairly for the work that they did. Lots of work was created with all the building projects that Pericles organised. The people who were good thinkers were able to learn and share their thinking. Those that were good artists were able to share their talents. The citizens of Athens were loyal to Pericles and kept voting him into power and going to war to protect their country and way of life.



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