Peregrine Falcons!

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Peregrine Falcons!

Where does it live?

What does it eat?

Their wingspan is 31-48 inches. They wiegh 1-3.5 pounds. Peregrine Falcons have blue gray wings and buff colored undersides with brown spots. They have sharp beaks and talons that they use while hunting their prey.

They eat mainly birds such as ducks and pigeons. They will also eat small mamals and reptiles, such as squirrels, rats, and rodents. Peregrine Falcons are carnivores.

The Peregrine Falcon is endangered because of the pesticide DDT. DDT was banned by the Environmental Protection Agency so that they could recover. Organizations also raise peregrine falcons in captivity and relese them into the wild when they are old enough.

What does it look like?

Why is it endangered?

How does it reproduce?

Other cool facts!

Peregrine Falcons lay an average of 3 eggs. They are incubated for about 34 days until they hatch. Both adults help incubate the eggs. After they hatch both parents feed the chicks.

*Peregrine Falcons can dive at over 200 mph!*Males are larger than females.*They are a type of raptor.*The Peregrine Falcon is also known as a Duck Hawk

Peregrine Falcons like to nest in high cliffs. They make nests and lay thier eggs there. These Falcons can live on any contient but Antartica. They live in the tiaga, tundra, grassland, mountains, and so on. They are migratory birds.

Peregrine Falcon(Falco Peregrinus)

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