Percy Julian

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Percy Julian

Even though Percy couldn't go to high school, he worked extra hard so that he could get a college education.

Percy Julian had to overcome a lot of obstacles because things weren't fair for African-Americans. His medical discoveries changed the world!

Born in Alabama on April 11, 1899, and died on April 19, 1975.His grandparents had been slaves!He wasn't allowed to go to high school because he was African-American.

Percy Julian

Modern Medicine Man

He studied science at DePauw University, Harvard, and the University of Vienna.He was a chemistry professor before opening his own lab.He discovered new ways to make medicine that helped a lot of people!

Percy developed a new may to make medicine on accident, while he was working on something else!

Percy's discoveries helped people with arthritis, eye problems, and cancer.



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