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Percy Shelley


Percy Bysshe Shelley is one of the greatest poets of the 19th century, and is best known for his classic anthology verse works such as Ode to the West Wind and The Masque of Anarchy. He is also well known for his long-form poetry, including Queen Mab and Alastor. He went on many adventures with his second wife, Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. His career ended we he drowned in a random storm on 1822.

Percy Bysshe Shelley was born at Field Place near Horsham, Sussex, on August 4, 1792. He was the first son of a wealthy country squire. He and a friend of his were expelled from Oxford University. Percy later married Harriet Westbrook, but she annoyed him so he divorced her and married his second wife, Mary Shelley. He is also a dedicated vegetarian. Percy and his family then moved to Italy. He drowned in a sudden storm while sailing in Italy in 1822.

The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the ocean;The winds of heaven mix foreverWith a sweet emotion;Nothing in the world is single;All things by a law divineIn another's being mingle--Why not I with thine? See, the mountains kiss high heaven,And the waves clasp one another;No sister flower could be forgivenIf it disdained its brother;And the sunlight clasps the earth,And the moonbeams kiss the sea;--What are all these kissings worth,If thou kiss not me?

Percy Shelley


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Percy Bysshe Shelley1792-1822



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