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Percy L. Spencer


Lasting Impact

The microwave has reduced kitchen fires and invented new foods.


Percy L. Spencer



1894- Percy was born1906- works at a spoon mill1910- sets up electrical plant1912- joins the navy1939- the best radar tube designer1945- filed patent for microwave1947- first microwave was sold1970- Spencer dies

Percy L. Spencer was born on July 19th, 1894 in Howland, Maine. At eighteen months old, his dad died and his mom gave him to his aunt and uncle.When Spencer was seven years old, his uncle died. Percy had to quit school to support his aunt with the bills. When he was sixteen years old, he was chosen to set up an electrical power plant in his town dispite the fact of his lack of education. When he was eighteen years old, Spencer joined the navy because he was very intrigued with how they used magnetrons to help radar the ocean. In 1939, Spencer was working for the navy and was ranked the best radar tube maker. He sped up production ot 2600 per day. One day, he was standing too close to a magnetron and his chocolate melted in his pocket. Many people had known about this phenomon, but Spencer was the first one to observed it. He asked for a popcorn bag and he put it next to the magnetron. In a matter of minutes, the bag started popping. He put a magnetron in a metal box with a magnetic field inside of it. This was the first microwave. He patented it in 1945 and sold the first one in 1947. He named it the Radarange. In 1970, Percy died and left the world with an amazing invention that revolutionized the human race. He was known as an American engineer and the inventor of the microwave.

Spencer helped reduce kitchen fires. His idea led to the invention of "instant" food, aka microwavable food. It helped children be able to cook their own food. He saved many people's lives and inspired many other scientists to make appliances for the kitchen.

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