Percy Jackson

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Percy Jackson

Misty air takes over Manhattan........ It is a dawny morning. A cold breeze runs through the streets. Fresh baked breads smell runs through the alleys....Some people choose the right side and some don’t.....


Author: Rick Riordan

Book report

Name: Rakan Alharbi Date: 6/11/2014

Have you ever been a fan of Mythology? Well if you are, you will love this book! The author took mythology to the next level! This book talks about bravery and a quest to save the world. I know, I know this sounds incredibly boring, but did you ever read a mythology book that has modern day characters! This is definitely a page flipper.


The main character of the story is Percy Jackson. Percy is a demi-god or in other words half-mort-god half-god. His father is Poseidon God of Sea. Percy is one of the bravest demi-god Olympus has ever seen. Percy has his friend/sidekick Annabeth. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena goddess of wisdom. Annabeth is very wise and intelligent; moreover she is amazing at battle skills.


Title: Percy Jackson: The last Olympian



Do you like the book?

A fight or in other words a rivalry between Titans and Gods. This is the second battle of the Millennium. Gods must win.......

"Percy! You must hand over the dagger to Luke, so he can kill Kronos!" (Riordan 432)

I give this book a 5/5 because you can barely find a mythology book that has a middle schooler? Now that's RANDOM!

I like the Book!



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