Percy Jackson-The Sea of Monsters

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Percy Jackson-The Sea of Monsters

-Percy Jackson-Annabeth-Tyson-Gods of Olympus-Grover

The Sea of Monsters


Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

By: Rick Riordan


Plot:When Percy meets Tyson, havoc spreads throughout the school. Annabeth shows up, and all three go to camp. Tyson

soon gets picked as Son of Poseidon, and Percy notices Chiron is gone. Thalia's tree is poisoned, and Grover is captured by Polyphemus when

looking for Pan. Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson escape the camp to search for Grover and the Golden Fleece. Along the way, they face many

battles and Tyson, "dies." They finally reach the island Polyphemus is on, and after grueling battles, Tyson reappears, and they come up successful with the

Golden Fleece and Grover. When they get back to camp, and put the Golden Fleece on the tree, Thalia, the daughter of Zeus appears...


Beginning:On edge


End:Victorious, Skeptical

Theme(s):-Set your mind to something, and don't think twice about it-Teamwork

Grover(left), Percy(center),Annabeth(right)


Conflict:During his quest to save Grover and the Golden Fleece, Percy Jackson fights many mythological creatures.

Main Settings: -Half-Blood Hill-Sea of Monsters-Happening in the present

Character vs. supernatural

Character vs. himself

Conflict:Percy must decide if he wants to go look for Grover because he doesn't know if his dreams are real.


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