Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Three

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Three

Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Book Three The Titan's Curseby Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson

Thalia is a daughter of Zeus and is afraid of heights. Thalia and Percy are alike and hardheaded with each other. Thalia saves Percy's life by using her shield to protect him when Dr. Chase's car blows up. At the end of the story she becomes a hunter to avoid being the demigod in the Great Prophecy.

Grover is a 28 year old satyr who has a big heart and eats aluminum cans, ping pong balls, and cheese enchiladas. He wants to find the lost God Pan, who is the God of nature. As a protector, Grover plays a confusion song on his pipes that allows the group to escape from the guards.

Percy is a 14 year old demigod and a son of Poseidion. He is the protagonist as well as the series' narrator. He goes on a journey to save Annabeth and Artemis who were both captured. By using Annabeth's invisibility cap and riding on Blackjack, his pegasus, he is able to track the hunt and join them.

Trevor DavisMrs. PastulaEnglish FDecember 16, 2013

Atlas is a Titan who fought with Kronos against the Olympian Gods. As a punishment Zeus forced him to hold up the sky to keep it separated from the Earth. He is referred to as the General in the story until the very end. One of Atlas's goals is getting the Ophiotaurus, an animal that is part seacow and serpent. Whoever kills it has the power to over throw the Gods. Luke Castellan, the lightning thief, also serves Kronos and helps the General fight the demigods. With the help of a monster named Dr. Thorn, the General kidnaps Artemis and Annabeth. One of Atlas's daughters is Zoe Nightshade, a hunteress, but you don't know this until the end of the story. Zoe, Thalia, Bianca,and Grover are the people in the group sent out by Camp Halfblood to get Artemis back, but they get a new member when they run into Percy who is on his own mission to protect Bianca and find his friend Annabeth. The General grows skeletons out of dragon teeth to eliminate the group. He continues to throw obstacles in their way and the group overcomes them while losing two people, Bianca and Zoe, to death. Bianca dies in a junkyard to save the others. Zoe is wounded in battle, becomes mortal and suffers death from the poisonous bite of the dragon, Ladon.

Thalia Grace

Grover Underwood

Dr. Thorn

Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and is the demigod of war strategy. She is friends with Percy, Thalia and Grover. Although Annabeth is interested in Percy, she has feelings for Luke too. She loves architecture.

Zoe is a hunter and loyal lieutenant to Artemis. She speaks in Old English. Zoe does not like or trust the campers, especially males, and is unfriendly to Percy. Zoe was banished from her home in the Garden of Hesperides as a result of helping Hercules. She is one of Atlas's daughters and ends up saving Percy by giving up her life.

Dr. Thorn is a manticore which is a monster. He is part of the Titan army and tries to get rid of Percy, Annabeth, Thaila, Grover, Bianca, Nico and Zoe. He takes Annabeth with him over a cliff.

Artemis is goddess of the moon, the hunt, and young maidens. She appears as a 13 year old girl and is captured by the general while hunting the monster. Artemis has a twin brother, Apollo, who is the sun god. He helps transport the heroes and hunters to Camp Half-Blood and then out west on a train for their quest.

The Nemean lion was sent to kill the group, but was killed by Percy. Percy takes his fur which protects him even from bullets. Percy throws the lion fur into the sea as a sacrifice to Poseidon, his dad,so that he would give Grover and the Ophiotaurus safe travels.

Annabeth Chase

Artemis and Apollo

Zoe Nightshade


Nemean Lion

Ancient Greece

Athena is Zeus's favorite child and Annabeth's mom. She is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. At the Hoover Dam, Percy is trapped until the tour guide from the elevator, who is really Athena, tells him there is another way out.


Dionysus is the only Greek god to have a mortal parent. He is the god of wine and madness. He helps the group escape by making vines grow around the manticore and making the guards insane


The Travels of Percy and his Friends





1 & 9



3 & 10

1 & 9 New York City - Mount Olympus2 - Bar Harbor, ME - Westover Hall3 & 10 - Long Island - Camp Half Blood

4 - Washington, DC - Lair of Nemean Lion5 - Cloudcroft, NM - Lair of the Erymanthian Boar6 - Gila Claws, AZ - Junkyard of the Gods7 - Hoover Dam - Has 2 sacred statues dedicated to Zeus8- Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco, CA - Mount Orthrys

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