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Percy Fawcett

Personal LifePercy Fawcett had an older brother named Edward Fawcett. His father was an alcoholic and spent lots of the family money on alcohol. His parents were strict, unfair, and neglectful parents causing Percy to become more independent. Percy Fawcett married Nina Agnes Paterson on January 31, 1901. He had three children. His first child,Jack, was born in May in 1903. His second son was Brian, and then he had his daughter Joan

Education and Birth Percy Fawcett was born in 1867 in Torquay, England. Percy was born to Myra Elizabeth Fawcett and Captain Edward Boyd Fawcett. As a child Percy went to Britain’s elite public schools. One of the schools he attended was called Westminster. On February 4, 1900 he began going to classes at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) for classes on studying and surveying.

Other Stories The last words Percy Fawcett ever said to his wife were “You need have no fear of any failure.” He claims he saw an anaconda that was over sixty feet, the double-nosed Andean tiger-hound, and the giant Apazauca spider. Most explorers in Percy’s time would bring a giant group of soldiers and as soon as they saw a native they would shoot, but Percy had a unique way of bringing a small group of people and even if natives fired arrows at them they would not attack the natives.

Death Nobody knows the exact date on which he died and his body has not been found. He went missing in 1925 in the Amazon Jungle, South America. There are many theories of what happened to Percy including he was killed by natives or that he joined a group of natives.

Best Known For The one thing Percy Fawcett is best known for is disappearing into the Amazon Jungle, South America in 1925 and never returning. He was attempting to find the lost city of “Z” which he believed existed, but has yet to be proven. Percy went missing along with his eldest son Jack and Jack’s best friend Raleigh Rimmel. The final expedition began on April 20, 1925 as the group left Cuiabá The trip was funded by a group of financiers in London known as “The Glove”. The journey started off with Percy, Jack, Raleigh, two Brazilian laborers, eight mules, two horses, and some dogs. The Brazilian laborers acted as guides. Roughly a month after leaving Cuiabá the group arrived at Dead Horse Camp near the Xingu River. On May 29, 1925 Percy telegraphed his wife saying he was about to go into unexplored, dangerous country. At the camp, Percy sent his last known of letter. The two Brazilian guides refused to continue into the jungle and turned back. That was the last time Percy Fawcett was seen.

"Percy Fawett"

Career HighlightsPercy Fawcett was an explorer, archaeologist, and a lieutenant. He was in the military since he was nineteen years old and was part of the Royal Artillery. Percy’s notes were used to inspire the novel “The Lost World” by Arthur Conan Doyle. In 1908 Percy traced the border of the Rio Verde River and in 1910 Percy travelled along the Heath River on the border of Peru trying to trace it’s source. He also worked for the British Secret Service in North Africa.

Conducting Research Percy Fawcett conducted his research wherever he was currently exploring, which was usually somewhere in South America. He conducted his research by observing and writing down what he saw. Percy kept track of his observations by writing in journals to record his findings and adventures. On some trips he also wrote letters of what he saw and gave them to Indian runners who would bring them back to civilization where they would be published.

Why he chose his profession Percy Fawcett chose to become an explorer of South America because he had taken a class at the Royal Geographical Society and seeing all the blank spaces on the maps fired his imagination.

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