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Percussion Family

Percussion Instruments

•The Angklung is a musical made of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The tubes are curved to have a reverberating pitch when struck.•The base of the frame is held in one hand while the other hand strikes the instrument.


The xylophone is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars struck by mallets


Lion Drum

The size of a lion drum is very big, and is used for the Lion dance. There are normally 2 types, the northern Lion drum (normally in red) and southern lion drum (painted in black). It is a single-headed drum, and its large size helps to create a majestic, booming resonance upon striking of the drum head. The lion drum head is made of thick, durable goat skin, and its wooden body is normally decorated with intricate hand-drawn drawings


The triangle is an idiophone type of musical instrument in the percussion family. It is a bar of metal, usually steel but sometimes other metals like beryllium copper, bent into a triangle shape.


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