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Percussion Family

Percussion Instruments

About Percussion Family The percussion family is the largest in the orchestra.The percussion family includes any instruments that makes a sound when it is hit,shaken,or scraped.In the orchestra,the percussion section provides rhythm and tone colour.

Batá Drum

A Batá drum is a double-headed drum shaped like an hourglass with one cone larger than the other.It is introduced in Cuba in the 1820s.

Bongo Drums

•Bongo Drums are drums that consists of two drums, a larger drum and a smaller drum that a joined together. They have a wooden or metal base and is tuned by tightening the skin over the drum.•When played, they are held between the knees and tapped with the fingers. They are mostly use in Latin music.


Timpani , also known as kettledrums, consists of a skin called ' head ' .The skin is stretched over a large bowl traditionally made of copper .The timpani is played by using a specialized drum stick called a mallet .The timpani evolved from a military drum to a classical orchestra instrument.


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