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- You can compare a number to a 100 three ways, as a decimal, a fraction, or a percentage- If the fraction is 250 out of 1000 it can also be 25%, you can take away zeroes when both numbers are divisible by ten.

- Part of a whole - A number that has a percentage sign after the number %- Percent means per hundred

What is a percentage

- Statistics - (e.g.) 60% of people like one thing and 40% of people like the other thing- Business - sales- School - a grade on a test- Probability - a chance of something happening

- Take the numerator and divide it by the denominator to find the fraction in percent form - When you divide you might have to go into decimals but you should round to the nearest hundreth place

- Comparing percents is the same thing as comparing whole numbers because if the whole is the same, which ever percentage is higher will be the bigger amount- If the percents are comparing different size wholes the percentages won't be accurate

Reading and writing percentages


How/What you can use percentages for

Turning a fraction or decimal into a percentage

Comparing Percentages

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