Percentage, Fractions and Decimals

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Percentage, Fractions and Decimals

When an item in a sale rises or falls, it is usually referred to as a percentage increase or decrease

Percentage, Fractions and Decimals

Solution: We know the test is out of 80 marks. We need to know what 45% of 80 marks is: (45/100) x 80You need at least 36 marks to pass the test

To find percents of increase or decrease, you need to take the difference in amount and divide it by the original amount. Multiply your answer by 100.

You need to multiply the decimal by 100. Multiplying by 100 is the same as moving the decimal to the right two place values.

Twenty-five percent (25%) means twenty-five out of one hundred. When you make that fraction smaller, it simplifies to 1/4.

"The original price of the game is AED249 and it was AED199 in the sale. What is the percentage decrease?"

Problem SolvingA test has a total of 80 marks. To pass, you need at least 45%. How many marks do you need to pass?


We know the price decreased by AED50 (249 - 199), but we want to know the percentage decrease of AED249(50/249) x 100 = 20.1%

Converting percentage to number

Finding the percentage


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