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A brittle, sweet, cinnamony cookie

Pepperkaker are from Nordic countries, like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

Pepperkaker are typically enjoyed year round, especially around Christmas. God Jul!

Pepperkaker usually come in the shape of men and women, hearts, pigs, or just circles.

To make pepperkaker you will need to preheat, or heat oven beforehand, bake,or cook in an oven with dry heat, knead, or work dough with your hands, stir, or mix with a spoon, and beat, or mix ingredients rapidly.


Gingerbread was brough to Scandinavia by German immigrants in the 13th century and has been use dsince the 1400s to ease indigestion

You will need cookie cutters, a measuring cup, an electric beater, and a rolling pin, and a teaspoon and tablespoon.


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