People Power

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People Power

People Power

Magna Carta

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In 1215, The King was forced to sign a document called the Magna Carter. The Document would state that not only the judge could make the decisions it would allowed the peers to make decisions. The Magna Carter forced King John to give up some of his powers, which meant the electives had the power.The Magna Carta conveyed that people could no longer be condemned on the basis of rumour of suspicion (Trial by Jury).In trial by jury you would have a greater chance of delivering Justice than trial by Ordeal because in a trial by ordeal you cannot be condemned on the basis of rumour or suspicion and in trial by Jury your innocence or guilt is decided by a group of their peers. Trial by Combat is a trial to prove one’s innocence by fighting and winning a duel. Trial by Ordeal is a trial to test guilt or innocence is tested under torture, if the accused person survives or if the injuries heal quickly they are deemed to be innocent.Common law is the justice system in England and Australia. This means judges make decisions based on past decisions for similar situations. It began when the reforms of Henry II gave rise to the system of common law.Today the government is also based on the common law system. For example the prime minister doesn’t make all the decisions. The electives sometimes debate about it.The Anglo-Saxon Witan was an informal group of nobles and religious leaders who was called together by the king from time to time to help make decisions. The word parliament came from the Anglo – Saxon Witan. Parliaments are a central feature in democratic countries. By around 1350 the parliaments were divided into two groups.


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