People Of The North

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People Of The North

The Inuit people made clothing from different furs. They made shirts, pants, boots, hats, and big jackets called anoraks from caribou and seal skin. They used polar bears, foxes, and rabbits to line their clothing.The Inuit normally hunted seals and whales. They sometimes also hunted other seafoods like crayfish and different species of fish.

Throat Singing

The Inuit people lived in places such as: Alaska, Canada, Siberia, and Greenland. Everything they did was based on the cold tundra weather, in which they lived.

The Inuit were a very musical people. They used to do something called throat-singing. Throat-singing is a unique vocal competition. When competing, two women stand face-to-face and sing using a complex method of following each other. One voice hits a strong accent while the other hits a weak, therefore hormonizing into one single sound.


Making homes from mud and wood is hard to do in a cold tundra. The Inuit used what they had and they made warm homes from ice and snow for the cold winters. In the summer they would make homes from animal skin stretched over a frame made from whalebones or driftwood.

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Food and Clothing


Throat Singing


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