People of the Longhouse

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People of the Longhouse

Wampum BeltsWampum are sacred shell beads. Woven belts of Wampum were made to commemorate people of treaties and/or historical events and to give to people in social events like marriage. The flag of the Iroquois Confederacy is a design for one.

Iroquois's Part in WarsThe beaver wars consisted of the Iroquois Confederation against tribes in the Great lake region who were on the French side. People consider these wars as the bloodiest in North American history. The Iroquois were winning the wars and they were not only growing in land area, but also defeating other large Confederacies.

People of the LonghouseIan Dougherty

Iroquois ConfederacyThe Iroquois confederacy was a confederation of 6 tribes in New York who played a big part in the struggle between the French and British for who got to rule North America.

FoodThe iroquois men often hunted food, while the women grew beans, corn and squash. The men would clear the fields so the women could harvest.

LonghouseA longhouse was a shelter for most iroqouis people. They could store up to about 20 families. Each family had their own fire to keep them warm.

Matrineal SystemThe Iroquois society was Matrineal. The descent of the family was the mother's side unlike for us.

Roles of Men and WomenThe men and women in the iroquois were treated the same. After the men would clear the fields, the women would harvest the crops. After the men would build the longhouses, the women would own them. After the men would hunt the food, the women would store it. They would split the jobs between themselves.

Iroquois ClansAn Iroquois clan is a group of people and their clan would represent an animal. A person's clan is the same as their mother's. The members are all related on their mothers side. The clans are lead by the clan mother.

The 6 different Iroquois nations are Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora.

Mourning WarsAn Iroquois "tradition" was when when a family would lose a loved one, they would find and kidnap a replacement. When replaced, they would act as if he was really the lost one. They would either do that to the kidnapped, or toture them ina way of revenge.

Great Law of PeaceThe great law of peace was an oral costitution so the Iroquois Confederacy was bound together.

Iroquois TodayToday there are still tens of thousands of Iroquois people still living in Northern North America.

Iroquois LegacySome people consider the Iroquois Confederacy as the first democracy in the world and people think they may have influenced America to be a Democracy


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