People in Poverty Caine Jack

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People in Poverty Caine Jack

Dear God, please help all of the people who are homeless and living in poverty. I have a good enough life and they need better. Please help all of those people in need and help them get food, water, and shelter. They need all of these things. I know they suffer and I want to help them stay alive. We all need to support them and give them all we can. I want to open up my life and take care of them. I want everyone to let them

Please help all of these peopleOur support is with themVery hard to liveEvery day they sufferRich people don't know how fortunate they areThank you for helpingYou can change someone's lifeI will help themNever give upAlways try to help themMake a difference in the worldEveryone can make a changeReunite them with the worldI want to helpCanned goods helpA dollar can make a difference

Dear President Obama, One situation I think that you should adress is poverty in america. Poverty in america is a very serious and real thing. All we have to do to feed these hungry people is to just give a little food,water,and shelter to help them stay alive. We should confront this situation to everyone. Just think, we have enough food to feed our families and ourselves. They don't even have anything. Think about how hungry they are. We don't know what it is like to be starving and not get any food. All we have to dois get up and go to the pantry and pick out what we want to eat. So if you could get everyone to give a little bit we will make thousands and thousands of people happy. Sincerely Yours, Jack Raymond

Opening our doors to christ relate to poverty in america because, you have to open your hearts up yo other people. Everyone has a purpose on this earth. You should take care of people who are less fortunate. They need our prayers. We have to let God into our hearts so that he can help us and the people we pray for. Praying is one of the most powerful things in the world. We should pray for everyone in need, and let God guide them down the right path.

Opening our doors to Christ relates to poverty because we have to let people in poverty into our lives and our care. We have to open our hearts to the world just like we let Jesus into our faith and beliefs. God opened the world for us so we have to open our lives to the people in poverty.,r:9,s:0&tx=127&ty=65

Caine Woodlridge Jack Raymond 6AX 11/17/11

People in Poverty



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