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Topic: PLaying with PentominoesSetting: Classroom, 1 bag per student or 1 bag per pair.Grade Level: First Grade

Learning Objective: Geometry. Use Pentominoes puzzle to reinforce problem-solving skills in distinguishing patterns and spatial sense.Standard: 2.G.1 - Describe attributes and parts of two- and three-dimensional shapes, 2.G.6. Predict the results of putting shapes together and taking them apart.~~~Other Possibilities...> Geometric measurement: recognize perimeter as an attribute of plane figures and distinguish between linear and area measures.


Mate 3167

By: Bayley Patterson

~Can be used as matrices (matrix addition and multiplication) : This will need to be in a setting with a higher grade level.~Conway's game of life : This needs to be in a setting with high school or college students because this assignment is solely based on observation and understanding of how it evolves.

The fact that these peices are not regular shapes can be seen as a limitation.

Affordances:If you can not afford or do not have access to Pantominoes peices, you can print them from the internet.Print template, Cut, and Play!

*Finding the area and perimeter.*Pair with a hundreds board to find patterns.*Classifying shapes.

Cost is a limitation to consider when thinking about this tool.

Additional uses...

Ideas for Modification of the tool for other settings or topics...

Instructions for use...~Take the peices out of the bags and manipulate them to get the desried shape.

...Modifications needed for these objectives...~the topic would need to change to area and perimeter and the grade level will now be third grade.

Playing with puzzles helps kids to have better spacial skills. Spacial skill has implications for later mathematical acheivement, one of which geometry. Pentominoes also help children to discover their own problem-solving abilities. Other puzzles can acheive this same result like Pentacubes and even Soduku.

Definition: A pentomino is composed of five congruent squares connected along their sides. There are 18 possible combinations. 6 of which are reflections, 12 peices total.

18 November 2013


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