Pensacola Population: 21,339

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Pensacola Population: 21,339

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Pensacola facts

Geography Pensacola is located on the Florida panhandle.It's the westernmost city in all of Florida.Its geography doesn't have mountains, but it has a lot of forest and trees. There is also lots of beaches.

The Five Flags Pensacola has the nick name " The Five Flags". It was once ruled by five different nations. French, British, Spanish, the United States, and the Confederate States of America all ruled Pensacola at different times and fought over it. Finally America won Pensacola.

The Pensacola Naval Avation Museum is the second largest in the country.

PensacolaPopulation:21,339By Isabella

Things to do in PensacolaPensacola has a lot of history in it, so there are lots of statues. There is also a public art project called "Pelicans in Paradise" made by the Pensacla News Journal. Pelicans in Paradise are statues of Pelicans all over Pensacola, they are decorated and painted just like the Dolphins in Clearwater, Florida. Each pelican has a different theme and color.

HistoryA Spanish sailor named Don Tristan de Luna landed in Pensacola on Aug. 15th 1559, his plan was to make Pensacola the first European settlement in the U.S.A hurricane came and whipped out their supplies, causing them to leave.

Did you know, Pensacola is home to the United States flight squadron, The Blue Angels!

This is what it looks like!

We landed in the Ferguson Airport.


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